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Easy Clipper - October, 2008 - 21 years old

~ Easy Clipper - ApHC ~


Clipper's story was published in the July/August, 2008 issue of the Sooner News. The story was written by Marian Alton and gives the account of how this mare came to Diamond Run.

"...Easy Clipper arrived at Hatbrand Reproductions, Joleta’s and husband, Larry’s place, and came off the trailer tired and sore after the almost forty eight hour trip. As the days went by, sometimes she was better, sometimes too sore to move around much. In spite of everything Joleta, her vet and her farrier tried, the mare was in no condition to make the two hundred mile trip to her new Arkansas home, and was not in foal, although she finally had a decent heat cycle.

Ashley and husband, Scott, made the decision to relinquish all claim to Easy Clipper, and leave her with Joleta in hope of someone wanting to keep working to save her. At one point, 'Clipper’s' travel founder and mental stress point had all involved wondering if it wouldn’t be the right decision to euthanize her.

Joleta never gave up saving 'Clipper', and her specialist farrier, Lynn Pennick, talked with Sooner ApHC President, Carol Johnson, who talked with Sooner Editor, Gerry Lukacik, who said, “Yes, I’m interested!” Marian Alton immediately sent Gerry all the info on Easy Clipper. Gerry called Judy DeMuth. Carol drove to Ingersoll Ranch, took photos of 'Clipper' and sent those to Gerry. Gerry made the trip to see and get acquainted with Easy Clipper and Joleta. Carol and Marian met him at the ranch too.

'Clipper' loved all the attention, and all the humans involved have been blessed with a turn around miracle—the mare is slowly getting more active, eating better, and will be going to a fine home with Gerry in Oktaha. All her fans pray she will be healthy and sound for the 2009 breeding season, and will return to see Joleta..."

I am very honored and fortunate to have a mare with Easy Clipper's breeding and history in my broodmare band.

"Clipper's Progeny"

Zip's Skipper  Zip's Skipper  Zip's Skipper
~ Zip's Skipper by All Hands On Zip ~
Owned and ridden by Heather Joslyn
Shown in Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country

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