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Gerry's trusty 12 string

Welcome to my studio!

I grew up listening to lots of music. From the 78's my parents had, I began buying my own records when I was 12. Today, I listen to all kinds of music, from Country to Classical, Bluegrass to Big Bands and just about everything in between. Played trumpet in grammar school and took a few guitar lessons during the summer months in high school. Discovered a neat, mostly folk music, program that airs on Saturday nights called "The Midnight Special" and was hooked. Started learning some of the traditional and modern songs. Would play them for myself, and sometimes friends, when we got together at one of the boarding stables.

In 2000, I started doing volunteer work for the live folk music program, at the same radio station, for the current host, Rich Warren. In 2003, I told him I was going to take the early retirement option and move. I told him I would like to try writing my own material. I gave him a few of my first attempts to listen to. He offered a lot of helpful tips and when my material started getting better, he gave my songs their first airplay.

Now, I am currently working on my first CD. The songs posted on this site will be included on the first CD, but not in this form. These songs are my "home recordings". The CD versions will contain more backup instruments and should be available in early spring of 2005. Please check this website for updates. All the songs carry a copyright and are my own compositions. They may not be used on other web sites, re-recorded on other media or used in any other manner without my prior written permission.

If you are a budding singer/songwriter and have material that you would like to get copyrighted, please let me know. I can tell you where to find the forms and which ones to use. There is a seperate form for music and words or for just the sound recording, itself. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

The Songs and Their History

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